Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Superdrug Coconut Oil Review

I brought this months ago, as Faith brought home (visitors) in her hair (cue head scratching). The nice lady in the chemist advised me to try this It cost £2.29 for the tub. Now to be honest I had no idea what to expect when I opened this to use it you have to scrap it out and heat it by rubbing it in your hands. Once heated it turns into a oil and it smells amazing There are a few uses for this I use it in my hair once I have washed it but be warned a little goes a long way. I also like to use this after I get out the shower as a body moisturiser. I also use once ever few weeks as an hair treatment. I apply more then normal wrap in a towel and then leave for a few hours then wash out. I love this stuff and for the money you can't go wrong.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nivea lip butter review

Well first post in a very long time so big thank you to you all for bearing with me. I have been trying to hunt down these for a while since seeing them on blogs. So when I popped into Superdrug this week I saw the shipper and picked these two up. I really wanted the vanilla and macadamia one but they didn't have it so the hunt continues. Now to be honest I really don't need another lip balm as I have nearly everyone on the market but I'm a lip balm junkie. So in comparison to the Vaseline tin lip balm I thought the Nivea one was a lot smaller but there not really that much difference. The Nivea one has 16.7 g in and the Vaseline one has 20g in once applied I think the flavour of the Nivea lasts longer and I don't think it's as greasy as the Vaseline lip balm. The Vaseline coco butter was my favourite but the Nivea raspberry rosé has now stepped up. I use this every night before bed and in the morning my lips feel moisturised and soft. I would really recommend you trying these the only down point to these as with all tin balms if u have nails they are a nightmare to apply but worth it.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Guess who's back


Sorry I have been away for a while but normal service will be resumed ASAP


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nailed It Jewellery My shop

I'm very excited to show you my new shop I have been doing this for a while but I have had a few requested for me to start selling my jewellery so I have set up a store Nailed It Jewellery Store.  So Nailed it jewellery is jewellery which get its colour from Nail polish.  

Currently I am only selling one size but I will soon be offering difference size and shapes and hopefully stocking rings, pendants, earring, bracelets, cuff links, and hair grips.

I'm also thinking of offering a service where you can send me a sample of your favourite nail polish and I will make you a custom made item of jewellery.

I will be updating the colour section of my store to list the names of polishes so hopefully you will be able to match the colour using Google search or if you know the colour you are looking for.

I would love to know what you think and if you have any ideas how I can make my store better I would love to hear them.

My Nail Saviours Flexitol & OPI Avoplex and Nail Envy

So if you read my blog you will know I started my diet about 18 weeks ago and then joined weight watchers about 11 weeks ago.  I have managed so far to lose 32 pound and the only real down side I have is that since doing it my nails have suffered. They have started to peel and break and didn't grow so I needed to invest in some nail care and I picked up these 3 things and so far touch wood they have worked amazingly well.
 Flexitol cuticle and nail cream about £5
OPI Avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil brought from EBAY
OPI Nail Envy brought from EBAY

Flexitol Cream


This cream is really thick and rich there are 2 ways to use it either massage into the cuticles and nails or for  a deep treatment apply cream and soak hands in warm water.

OPI Avople Replenishing Oil

I really like this stuff I have to be really careful with oils on my skin as I find it feeds my eczema but this stuff is fine for me.  Its a rich thick oil which smells really nice.

OPI Nail Envy

 This is a natural nail strengthener you apply 2 coats and then one coat every other day for a week and then removed and start again.

The results

Ok so this is 4 weeks down the line I thought I would do a week by week run down of what I did and when.

Week 1
So I applied 2 coats of Nail Envy on the first day and 1 coat on top of that every other day for a whole week.  I used my Avoplex Oil twice a day morning and evening massaging it into my cuticle and my nail.  I then used my Flexitol cream twice in the week as a night time treatment using it the same as the Avoplex Oil.

Week 2
I removed the last week Nail Envy and reapplied the same as week 1 however I did apply nail polish i use a OPI polish as they have the strengthener built in and again applied a coat of the Nail Envy every other day and used the Avoplex Oil and the Flexitol cream.

Week 3
Repeated week 2 however cut down the use of the Avoplex Oil to once a day but continued to use my flexitol cream twice a week.

Week 4
I repeated the the removal and reappling of the Nail Envy and painted my nails as normal and used the Avoplex and Flexitol as and when I needed it.

I really think that these 3 things have made the most amazing difference to my nails and I would repurchase all three in a heart beat.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Iced Strawberry Dream By Treacle Moon

Hi Girls

I wanted to tell you about this product which I have been loving its a bath and shower cream and its AMAZING.  I have been trying this out for a few weeks and I have to say I have not found 1 single fault with this product.  I have funny skin and sometimes it can react to products or tends to dry out quickly however not with this.  I have left this in the bathroom and the whole family have enjoyed it.  I have enjoyed using it mainly in the shower Faith has like having her bath with it.  The only thing I have noticed it seems to last forever I still have about 1/3 of a bottle left.

Treacle Moon Iced Strawberry Dream Bath and Shower Cream
This available to buy from Tesco store and On-line and costs around £2.99 for 500ml BARGAIN!!!

Treacle Moon motto Always remember that true beauty begins from the heart. Our lovely recipes simply do the best they can for your skin and your smile.
 This smells so good the bottle warns your its not for eating it larva's up really well and the scent lingers on your skin but without been over powering.  the other flavours in the range are 
That Vanilla Moment
The Raspberry Kiss
One Ginger Morning
My Coconut Island
Those Lemonade Days
Her Mango Thoughts
The Pomegranate Secret

They also do Shower washes, body scrubs, body butters, hand cream, hand wash and the bath and shower cream.  So next time your in Tesco go and check them out I know I need to try the vanilla the raspberry the coconut and the pomegranate ones.

Have your tried any of these if so what's your favourite flavour? or what would you like to see Treacle Moon next flavour to be I would like a almond one.

My Obsession with Obsessed Jewellery Review and Rave

Hi xxx

I hope your all keeping well this post is a little different its sort of a heads up to a trendy on-line jewellery store which is owned by my wonderful friend Rachel.  A few weeks ago I got my first piece from Rachel's shop Obsessed Jewellery She was kind enough to send me this for me to have a sneaky peak at her new jewellery line.


My Package From Obsessed Jewellery
 The first thing which I noticed is how beautifully it comes to you, in this pretty white pill box. 

The Packaging (so pretty)
 Once inside your jewellery is wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with a gorgeous ribbon.  Rachel really has paid attention to detail and the packaging is almost as wonderful as whats inside.

My New Obsessed Ring
 My ring EEEkkkk !!!  I love this I would wear this with plain outfit and just this ring.

Didn't Take Faith Long To Get Her Hands On It
 As you can see I am now having to share with Faith who loves this ring nearly as much as I do.  

So a big big thank you to the lovely Rachel and I urge you all to pop over to Obsessed Jewellery and go and see for yourself.  Rachel's jewellery starts around £5 mark and she has something for everyone rings, bracelet's, necklaces, earrings.

Follow Obsessed Jewellery on twitter for offers and promo codes @obsessedjewel

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