Friday, 25 March 2011

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll On

Just took this little beauty out the box and tried it and thought I would give you a quick review.   Now I can't tell you this has got rid of my dark circles and bags cause I have only used it, however this has just made my eyes feel so refreshed.  The product has a little roller ball applicator which feels lovely on the eye area and has a lovely cooling effect to it and makes you feel like you have been pampered which I love.

So I will review fully when I have used it for longer but on first impressions LOVE IT.

I suffer with hay fever really bad and I think this will also be nice to use on my eyes then to calm them and sooth them.

I really want to try the gold coloured one to as I have heard great reviews about it, if you have tried it please let me know what you thought of it.

They claim
If you want to reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles this is the product for you. 
It works by its formula smooths the skin around the eye area its inspired by messaging techniques used to stimulate the natural micro-circulation and drainage of the skin.  
You use it when ever your eyes look tired.  
Apply the caffeine eye roll on to the eye contour area in light gentle circular massaging movements. the liquid will be applied automatically via the roller ball.
£10.20 for 15ml at Boots 
I got mine for £5.08 free p+p on Amazon


  1. OMG what a good idea I never thought to use mine during hayfever season :) It is going straight in my bag now :) it does make your eyes feel lovely :)

  2. Love this product im going to get my mum one for mothers day


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