Monday, 18 April 2011

My First RAK Gift Arrived Today

Ok so as some of you may know me and a group of 4 other lovely ladies have started a RAK Group (Random Act Of Kindness).  The idea was to send A parcel to each of the other girls on the list and to purchase them something for no more than £2.00.

Now I brought all mine last week and packaged them all up and off to the post office they went.  

Now I know people say its about the giving and not the receiving and it is so true, I think I have been more excited about the other girls getting there gifts then me getting mine.  

However having said that my first one arrived today if you follow me on Twitter you will know I have been to Ikea today and when I got home there it was a little lonesome parcel sitting on my mat with a little airmail sticker on it.  Excitement set in and I ripped it open this is what I found.

A beautiful charm bracelet and 2 lovely charms to go on it and in the little beautifully wrapped parcel a selection of sweets which to be honest I have given to Faith which she reallllllllyyyyyy enjoyed.

My beautiful new bracelet !!!!
Faith enjoying her sweets!!

So this is just to say a BIG thank you to Dee for been so generous i totally love my gifts xxxx


  1. So glad you didn't go down that route for me because I already have that bracelet! That was actually one of the things I considered for my gifts :)

  2. Hi,

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