Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Primark Find

Yesterday while in Merry Hill we popped into Primark Faith and I went a got a few things and joined the longest Que I had ever seen in my life.  While queuing and losing the will to live Jon popped up with these little beauties and thrust a £5 note at me.  
not sure if you can make these out but there is a 
Trim Pal = scissors  
Brow Pal = tweezers
Nail Pal = nail file
They all come with a little suction thing at the bottom which means they can be stuck on a mirror or tiles these are now living in my bathroom.
Now for £1.50 each I thought these were going to be rubbish but I was quite surprised so they might not be the best tools in the world but they do there job fairly well and are cute and fun and have brightened up my bathroom mirror quite nicely.



  1. I got a lovely scissors like this from therenbut my girl had pink wings =]

  2. they r soooo cute love then on my mirror J did good bless him they have some great nick nacks in there i love there nail file with the case


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