Saturday, 16 April 2011

Special Friends

Haven't posted in a while so I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about some very special friends I have made.  
Everyone is aware of the dangers of the Internet however I personally have met some of the nicest, kindest people I have ever know because of the Internet.  
I'm not saying there aren't dangers out there but if you just use your common sense you can find some amazing people.  
As some of you will know I love twitter maybe cause I am nosey and like to know what other people are up to. But mainly because I have found a bunch of people who like and have the same interests as me. 
Now I'm not going to list everyone i talk to but there are a few who are always helpful, friendly and generally some of the nicest people I know

Most of these lovely ladies are taking party in my R.A.K (random act of kindness)  We are currently swapping small gifts that we have brought of each other .  Which is and idea these girls have done wonders with and yesterday one of the first gifts arrived.  
I'm hoping this is something we will be able to do again and I would like to thank everyone of the for been so kind and generous.



  1. This is lovely! Thankyou x

  2. Awr this is such a cute post - thank you so much :) Bought a smile to miserable face (the football is on, hence the miserable face!)

    Thank youoouuu xxx

  3. Awwweee I dunno why I didnt see this earlier - This is the loveliest thing :) I totally agree the people I have met makes blogging all worthwhile. xx

  4. I have only just seen this 2. Been absent from the internet for a few days. BIG SMILES after reading this :) :) :) Thank you x x x


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