Monday, 30 May 2011

April ELF Order

Hi Ladies xx

Now as some of you know I love ELF stuff and I could get everything as they are so very generous with there offers and codes so I have decided I am only going to limit myself to 1 order a month and only if I need it.  

So I had sold a far few bits and bobs on E-bay so decided to treat myself so this is what I got in my ELF order in April

Brush Shampoo £3.50

Now to be honest I haven't used as I have been using my BeautyBlender Cleanser but I will try it out this week and do a full review.

Hypershine Lip Gloss Honey £1.50

This is lovely Looks darker in the picture then what is goes on but its a really nice natural looking gloss.

Blending Eye Brush £1.50

I love All the ELF brushes I have brought and this one is no different really soft and blends my eye shadow perfectly.  In my next order I would like to pick up one of there more expensive brushes to compair the two but for £1.50 I personally love this brush.

Concealer Pencil & Brush light £3.50

I read a review on this so i thought I would give it a whirl I do like the concealer however I find the brush is rubbish I prefer to use my finger to blend the concealer in and I find the brush doesn't do anything.

Complexion Perfection £3.50

Again I brought this as I have read so many good reviews on it I was a little worried about it as when I used my brush it looked white however I find it sets my make up really well.  I use after I have used my concealer and foundation and then I use this and then apply blusher and bronzer.

Nail Polish Desert Haze & Innocent £1.50 each

Sorry the pictures are so bad these polishes are nude-ish colours I do like ELF polishes however I do find the brushes are a little hit and miss though.  Having said that these 2 are really nice colours and are very easy to wear.

All Over Color Stick in Toasted and spotlight £1.50 Each

ELF Colour sticks are lovely and are really good buys as they can be used for just about everything eyeshadow, lip colour, blusher, highlight

Therapeutic conditioning lip balm Strawberry Crème £1.50

I love these i have 3 now they are so conditioning and they last forever perfect to carry about in my bag and as they are in a stick they are great for me as my normal lip balm I get stick in my nails.


  1. Oooo, I have never tried ELF before!! Maybe I should give it a while, that lipbalm sounds lovely!!

    Kitty xo

  2. Awh awesome haul xD

  3. I love the Comlexion Perfection...I must buy a new one actually! x

  4. Fab haul! I'm going to buy the brush cleaner next time they have free delivery and after payday x

  5. Love it all I have decided to share in your 1 per month limit :) dying to place my June order haha


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