Monday, 30 May 2011

Barry M Nail Effects NOTD

Hi Ladies 

I hope you have all had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday with the weather been as horrid as it has there was only one thing to do yes you guessed it my nails lol!!

So I have had this for a while Jon brought it for me as part of my mothers day present from Faith, but to be honest I haven't used it till now as it seemed everyone was jumping on the band wagon and to be honest I had gone off it a bit.  
So this week I treated myself to a few new nail polishes while they are on special in Superdrug. 
I got Lemon Ice Cream and Blue moon both my Barry M.

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

What I love about this whole thing is I painted my nails last week with the Yellow polish and got some many compliments on it and then by just painting the effects polish over the top it has completely changed the whole look and didn't take me ages to do.  
To be honest Jon painted the effects polish on for me xx

So this is what I used!!

Barry M Lemon Ice cream
No17 Clear TopCoat
Barry M Nail Effects in Black

The Final Result

Like Mother Like Daughter
 Yes once Faith saw my nails and as it is half term she had to have hers done to match. She got Jon to paint hers to.


  1. Confessionsofamakeupaholic30 May 2011 at 14:52

    I love the Barry M Lemon! It looks lovely with the nail effects. How cute is Faith with her nails done! :) x

  2. That looks lovely together, how cute that Faith has it on too x

  3. awh that's so cute :D <3 like mummy like daughter xD

  4. OMG that is just adorable she must be the trendiest girlie in school ;) I love the yellow and the way it looks with nail effects and I am soooo jealous of your nails im sat here willing mine to grow :)

  5. WOW this looks amazing!! I just did my black Nail Effects over bright pink! I love the matching mother and daughter, thats so cute!!

    Kitty xo


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