Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Batiste Hint Of Colour Dry Shampoo

Batiste Hint Of Colour Dry Shampoo and Mini Brush

I was sent these a few weeks ago to review and apologies for not getting round to posting this before but having got these through the post Faith came down with chicken pox. 

Anyway I have used there original dry shampoo but as my hair is so dark (I have dark brown/black hair) when I have used it in the past it has left my hair ashy and to be honest in more of a need of a wash than before so when I saw these I added them to my shopping list however I was luckily enough to get these sent to me (big thanks Batiste) 

So the blonde ones I thought would be perfect for Faiths hair and they are she has blonde hair with all sorts of colours running through it they work well and as a quick fix they are perfect. 

The dark one for me I still feel improvements could be made as the colour is more grey then brown.  However that said if used sparingly I can get away with using it.  

They smell good and if the colour was a little better they would be a firm favourite so I would buy them again maybe more for Faith then mine, but worth a try if you have lighter hair.

Thanks again to Batiste for sending me these to try.


  1. I always want to try the Batiste dry shampoo, but always forget when I go to Boots! I wanted to try the original one, but maybe now I should use either the brunette or dark brown one. THanks for the review!

  2. I will have to try these. I started using Superdrug's own make as it wasn't as dusty looking in my hair as Batiste but I haven't tried the coloured ones yet xx


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