Monday, 2 May 2011

L’ORÉAL KIDS Sweet Pear Tangle Tamer

L'Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer
Boots £2.00

Went and got this on Sunday as Faith has chicken pox and they are all in her hair which has ment its been a night mare to brush it.  Someone said about giving this a whirl and its brilliant!
I've been trying to grow my hair again after chopping about 8" off 
(it was a good idea at the time I'm sure)
Now my hair gets into knots easily and then drives me mad having to keep brushing it which then makes it greasy.  Even when I straighten it it always goes knotty again so last night after my shower I had a sneaky spray of this and bobs your uncle Fanny's your aunt I have untangled hair. It smells of pears/apples which is nice and the scent did last on my hair.
I got up this morning ran my brush through it and off to work I went on returning home car window open and sat in the garden the wind blowing a quick brush and it was as good as new.  
So this really is going to stay in my bathroom cupboard and earn't its place in my March favourites.
What L'Oreal Say:
L'Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer detangles hair quickly! Its ultra-detangling formula tackles knots and tames bed head, leaving it shiny and feeling clean all day.
L’Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer smells so good! The burst of sweet pear smells great with all the fruity fragrances in the L’Oréal Kids range. The spray bottle is easy to hold and fun to use.


  1. rachelcrawford043 May 2011 at 01:33

    Ooooh I used to love this when I was little, might give it another go for my summer holiday :) xx

  2. I used this when I had really really long hair and it was a complete god send!

    I'm a new follower and really enjoy your blog! Cute layout too :) x

    Jade By The Sea

  3. bakesbeautyblog11 May 2011 at 10:53

    Thanks so much for following my blog it means a lot that people follow it. I like it so much been and brought another 3 bottle lol tesco £1 a bottle BARGAIN !!


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