Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May ELF Order

Hi Ladies xxx

This is the ELF order I put in for May As I explained before I am now limiting myself to 1 a month if needed.

What was in the box
ELF's new Complete Coverage Concealer Light £3.50

I love this I like the fact I can mix the right shade I need it covers dark circles really well and the odd spot the brush again is a bit of a waste of time as it doesn't blend the concealer and hardly picks up any product.  
I think ELF would be better to either get a brush that works for there concealer products or leave them out instead of putting in these brushes which are rubbish.

Blush and Bronzer Compact £3.50

I brought  this as I had hear it was a bit of a dupe for the NARS blush and bronzer But I don't really like this product I find when I lightly swipe my brush over the powder goes everywhere like its not been pressed enough.  The blush is a nice colour but I find the bronzer hard to blend might be something else which I need to try out abit more.

Mineral Eyeshadow in Wild £3.00 

I brought one of these eyeshadows a few months back in elegant I think it was and loved it this I am not so keen on when I tried it it seemed patchy when I applied it.  I have to be honest I haven't tried it since I will thought might of just been me.

False Lashes Natural £1.50

Love these lashes and for the price they are really good they fit well didn't need trimming and looked really natural on.  I haven't tried there glue as normally the glue that comes with lashes is rubbish so I use my own which i got from Boots.


  1. I keep seeing the blush and bronzer duo everywhere - I think I need it! x

  2. catherinesloves31 May 2011 at 14:04

    I have that blush and bronzer, find the bronzer too dark for me. Also I like the mineral eyeshadows, but be careful as a lot comes out through those holes it best to pierce just two and leave the film on so it doesn't go everywhere. Did you use them with a primer? I really want to try the falselashes too  :-) xx

  3. I had to get used to the bronzer too but its handy for in your bag as you have 2 in 1. I really need to learn how to do lashes as I really wanna wear them and these are so reasonable x

  4. I did have the lashes but gave them away as I just cannot master falsies!

  5. I have a few of the mineral eyeshadows and i like them. Sad to hear they are not all the same quality..


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