Thursday, 30 June 2011

Witch tinted moisturiser

Hi ladies xxxx

Have been waiting to try this for such a long time and finally boots had all three shades in stock. Now I wasn't sure which shade to go for so I thought I would go for the middle one as it's summer and hopefully I'd had a little more colour than normal. Now to be honest I nearly passed out when I saw the colour of this is was so much darker and orange than I was expecting however that said it blends so well. 

 With the help of my new skin care routine I have been wearing this alone with a little bit of concealer were need this is the third thing from witch and I am so impressed. I have reviewed the primer and blemish pen and this is another great product from them. 

 What have you tried from the witch range what should I try next??

Monday, 27 June 2011

MUA Collection & Review - A Collaboration

Hiya Lovelies,

This is a really special post because it is a joint post between myself and my Blogging Bestie Rachel from A Pretty Obsession Bakes Beauty & Blog I am really excited because we have really similar views on most products :) Great minds eh..

So what we are doing is going through our collections of MUA make up and doing a review on both the products and brand.

So here is my Rachels collection - I find it quite hard to get my hands on MUA living in ROI but it is so worth the journey and I have called in the help of some of my blogging buddies to get my hands on most of this collection (Thank u Dee)

My absolute fave of MUA's products have got to be their eyeshadows. I still cannot get over the quality, pigmentation and the value for money that these eyeshadows offer. Ahhhhhmazing for £1.00. I have 6 shades so here you go.

Shade: 1 (Cream Pearl), 4 (Pale Purple with Pink Toned Pearl), 9 (Darker Purple with Pink Toned Pearl)

Swatches (9,4,1 - all Pearls)

And this is shade 4 in the inner section and blends out to shade 9 in the outer corner (Also shade 15 Pearl as an eyeliner and MUA mascara)

Shade: 15 (Black Pearl), 13 (Dark Purple Pearl), 14 (Dark Green Pearl)

Swatches (14,13,15 - all Pearls)

And this is shade 1 as a highlighter and in the inner section and blends out to shade 14 in the outer corner (Also shade 15 Pearl as an eyeliner and MUA mascara)

I also have a couple of eye dusts and 1 blush. I do like the eye dusts and they work very well both dry and with a setting spray on the brush. The blush is also amazing and the smell off it is gorgeous. I really wanna pick up a few more blushes. Again all of these are £1.00

Eye Dust Shade 2 (Purple) and 1(Silver Glitter) and Blush shade 1 (Pale Pink)

Next on my list is the 1 eye liner I have and a mascara. The eyeliners are really soft and give great colour pay off as you can see and the mascara is the one I am wearing every day at the minute. You can see in the pictures above it separates out you lashes really nice.

Eye Liner shade Lovely Lilac and Mascara Shade 5

And lastly my lip products of which I have some nice ones. I have 2 lipglosses with applicators and one tube gloss. I also have one lipstick. All the lip products are moisturising with great colour pay off and they are not sticky or smelly, they do smell but they smell yummy :)

Gloss shade 4 (mauve kind of pink), tube gloss shade 4 (peachy gold undertones), gloss shade 2 (glittery red) and lipstick shade 4 (palest pink)

Swatches are the same order as above.

So that is it my lovelies, my entire MUA collection. I love this brand :) I am a push over for affordable cosmetics like this and you cannot go wrong at £1.00 each. I am really looking forward to getting some more of the regular line and also sampling some of the new Pro Line they have out which looks amazing.

I will now pass you on to Kelly who i think will also have a few nice words to say about MUA ;)

Hi xx

Well what more can I can to Rachel's already glowing review of the MUA products.  I love finding drug store brands which really sucker punch some of the big brands and so far have not been let down by any of the MUA products I have brought.

I think what is really important is that all these items cost £1 and whereas you might make excuses for items which cost so little, if the don't perform you would say "well they did only cost a £1" with these products it's the element of surprise how well the do work for only£1.

MUA shade 17 matt finish - creamy nude
MUA shade 2 pearl finish - white shimmer
MUA shade 19 matt finish - rich dark brown

Swatches Sorry they are not better !!

Now these eye shadow are so silky soft and the colour is easy to blend and very buildable.  I love them I have high end eye shadows in similar colours and I do use these more then them and for the money you can not go wrong.

MUA Mascara - shade 4 - brown

This is the only brown mascara I own and to be honest I normally wear black so I thought I would give this a whirl and since buying it I have used nearly everyday.  Not going to lie and tell you its the best mascara I have ever used cause its not but for a everyday mascara it does what I need it to do and does it well.

 MUA Lipstick shade 3

I brought this as my 6 year old daughter as she had her dance show and I need to get her some make up to wear.  So I took her into Superdrug and let her have her pick.  Again I was anything but disappointed now this isn't a shade I would wear but I was impressed with the texture and staying power of this lipstick I will definitely be going and picking one up for me on my next trip.
 MUA Eye liner shade rich brown

This is now my favourite eye liner is compares to my high end ones and in some ways is better I love how it has the sharpener on the top so I'm not left searching the house for one.  It is so creamy and last for a very long time.
MUA Lip Gloss shade 3

MUA Lip Gloss Swatch

I wear lip gloss more than I do lip sticks as I find lipsticks a night mare that you have to keep reapplying them where as with the lip gloss they seem to wear off without it been to noticeable.  MUA lip glosses are really hard wearing are not sticky the colour pay off is really good.

 So all in all I would say next time you are in Superdrug stop by the MUA stand and try some of the samples. I bet you don't leave there empty handed!

And watch this space for the MUA Pro range when its back in-stock I know 2 girls who will be making some purchases.

Batiste Tropical

Hi Ladies xxx

Having now discovered my new love for dry shampoo I was lucky enough to be sent a can on Batiste dry shampoo in Tropical in the new 200ml size.  

So last week I decided not to wash my hair on Tuesday morning for work but to give this a whirl.  


I sprayed it into my hair and combed it through it smells so good the best way I can describe it is you know when you smell suntan lotion it makes you feel all summery well this is the same the coconut just made me wish for blazing sunshine, white sandy beaches cocktail's round the pool and of course no work!!

Believe it or not I had so many comments on the smell saying how nice it smelt and even at the end of the day I could still smell it on my hair.
Batiste Tropical 200ml
Batiste Hint of Colour 150ml

Batiste Tropical

So I love this would definitely take its on holiday my me or when the weather outside is horrible and I could do with a little sunshine.  Batiste also do this in the smaller on the go size to which would be perfect for taking on holidays.

Have you tried this yet what did you think of it?? 
Will be hopefully getting my hands on the XXL and the shimmer ones soon when my Boots have them and will review them too.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Boudoir Prive Is Coming Soon

Just thought I would do a quick post on the new Boudoir Prive club/box which is flying about on twitter at the moment from what I can gather this is going to be a alternative to the Glossy Box.  Which hasn't lived up to most's expectations As you can see, a similar pretty pink box, this time with 6 samples instead of 5, and also costing £10!

I've read the press release about Boudoir PrivĂ© and it seems they will do the same feedback/rewards system which Glossy Box does. 
Boudoir PrivĂ© reward scheme gives you discounts to spend in their on-line store to buy full sized products of the samples you received in return for your feedback

Press Realese
In the 18th century, a woman’s boudoir was her sanctum. A place to retreat, reflect and experiment with her hair and beauty in the comfort of her own home. We at Boudoir Prive are reinventing the contemporary boudoir and revolutionizing the way cosmetics are sold online, by giving women the luxury of discovering new beauty products in the intimacy of their own room.
Introducing the Beauty box by Boudoir Prive. A groundbreaking concept which will enable consumers to try products before you buy. For a monthly membership of £10 per month, members receive a beautiful Boudoir Prive box, direct to their office or home, containing six exciting expertly selected beauty samples which will be a mix of established brands and brand new lines across six categories (skincare, body care, haircare, make-up, fragrance and lifestyle.)  Every month the products members receive will change, meaning the surprise element is ongoing, and members are encouraged to offer feedback on their products in return for fabulous discounts in the Boudoir Prive website E-shop if they choose to buy a full sized version of their chosen product.
With a plethora of beauty experts seal of approval including acclaimed Make-up artist Jay Pinxie Turnbull, the vision for Boudoir Prive as the largest desirable beauty community in the UK is a realistic one; ” With so many hair and beauty products available it is hard to decide what to invest in. The chance to be able to try before you buy is very exciting. I am telling all my friends about this already as I think it is a brilliant concept. The little box of luxury is beautiful, how nice to have a small ‘present’ delivered once a month“ says Turnbull.
With the first boxes due to be shipped in July, the excitement is building as beauty enthusiasts and consumers alike flock to sign up for the first round of boxes.
Entrepreneur Therese M’Boungoubaya and Boudoir Prive Founder said “I grew up fascinated by beauty products, probably the result of being the child of two pharmacists, and my passion is to discover and share the very best that the luxury beauty industry has to offer and deliver it direct to our member’s door! ”

So for more information why not go and take a look that the links Below 

June Glossy Box

Hi Ladies xxx

So on Friday my Glossy box finally arrived I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to getting this after May's box.  I think the whole thing of getting 5 luxury surprise products through the post every month is great. 

 I was disappointed last month as I felt the product in the box weren't the right products for me.  I felt that as we had been asked to answer questions about my skin my make up preference the products would be a little more tailored to the individual however it wasn't

So on to this months!!!

How the box arrived through the post

Inside the postage box the beautiful glossy box

Glossy box

Lifting the lid

The wrapping

My products

Hopefully this will give you a clue to the size of the items

Laique Perfume
Hello, old-school glamour! Up the ante with Perles, a traditional and glamorous chype, using natural raw materials from around the world.  We adore the art deco inspired flacon, a must for any femme fatale's dressing table!

What I thought
I HATE this to me this smells like something a old lady would wear not my sort of scent at all. 

Bioeffect EGF Serum
Fell the full effect of Epidermal Growth Factor. Iceland's best kept beauty secret! A veritable potion of youth - BIOEFFECT's EGF Serum stimulates the growth of new skin cells, resulting in a great complexion, hydrated and overall younger skin. Suitable for all skin types

What I thought
To be honest I haven't tried and I'm not going to I have heard some horror stories about this breaking people out and I have struggled for years to get my skin is good condition this oil I wouldn't put it anywhere near my skin.

OPI Design Series Mini Nail Lacquer
Perfect to set off you tan, OPI's Designer Series nail lacquer comes in glittering, glamorous shades crowned with diamond dazzel for June. 

What I Thought
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT OPI is one of my favourite nail polish brands and this is stunning put it on right after opening the box I believe there were 2 colour sent out in this month box a silver and a plum I would of been happy with either but the plum colour is stunning.
Extravagance = plum colour
coronation = silver

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
A trusted summer must have Batiste Dry Shampoo original in this handy handbag size is perfect for refreshing your style wherever you are!  Extend the life of your blow dry or add some texture to slick hair.  Batiste will leave your hair smelling and looking fabulous!

What I thought
This one has really put the cat among the pigeons Glossy Box state they are supplying HIGH END brands I don't think Batiste is high end.  That's not saying I don't like it Batiste is one of my favourite products.  I have to say I was happy to see it in my box as its a product I love and will use.

MAMA MIO Omega Body Buff
Kind, but effective, this gentle blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile, Aloa Vera, Vitamin E and micro-ground Pumice removes dead skin cells and encourages renewal. Skin this touchable is addictive! 

What I thought

I really like this product its smells really good leaves my skin really soft please I got to try it.

So overall again its 3 out of 5 for me with 2 products I will never use as there not for me at all.  I have to say I am not sure if I will be continuing with Glossy box as I feel the company although new are very disorganised I think the boxes should be sent out on the same day ever month they should look at the products they are supplying to get them to meet there customers needs more.  I wish the contents of the box was half as good as the packaging cause that alone is worth the money.  

Also to add insult to injury when I signed up they were offering the Glossy Box at £10 a month with free postage however this week everyone has been sent a email to say that it was a special offer and they will now be charging for the postage so the box will cost about £13 I feel this was a afterthought and have added this on seeing how popular the boxes have been.  

Well Glossy box you now have one less subscriber.  

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Faiths Dance Show Hair and Make up Featuring MUA

Hi Ladies xxx

So on Sunday Faith did her dance show, she has been dancing since she was 3 years old.  This is something Faith has always enjoyed and wanted to do if she didn't she wouldn't do it but ever since a very early age she has loved performing.  

We were even told by a spiritualist when Faith was 1 that they say her walking the boards how right they were.  Faith has been practising for this for about a year and she has been working so hard.  

So on Sunday off we went to the Prince of Wales Theater in Cannock.  I was helping back stage helping the kids get changed and keep the entertained.  Anyway I thought I would show you how I did Faiths hair and make up.
Faith Pre show

Her Hair

The Finished look

I took Faith to Superdrug on Saturday and let her pick a couple of eye shadows and a lipstick so these are the products I used on her and then on most of the girls in the show lol

MUA shade 4 pearl effect
MUA shade 9 pearl effect

MUA lipstick shade 3 

MUA shade 3

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals
MUA Lipstick
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals glitter eye liner
MUA shade 9
MUA shade 4
How they lasted

The last picture was taken at the end of the show so you can see how well the products lasted i was more than impressed

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