Sunday, 26 June 2011

Boudoir Prive Is Coming Soon

Just thought I would do a quick post on the new Boudoir Prive club/box which is flying about on twitter at the moment from what I can gather this is going to be a alternative to the Glossy Box.  Which hasn't lived up to most's expectations As you can see, a similar pretty pink box, this time with 6 samples instead of 5, and also costing £10!

I've read the press release about Boudoir Privé and it seems they will do the same feedback/rewards system which Glossy Box does. 
Boudoir Privé reward scheme gives you discounts to spend in their on-line store to buy full sized products of the samples you received in return for your feedback

Press Realese
In the 18th century, a woman’s boudoir was her sanctum. A place to retreat, reflect and experiment with her hair and beauty in the comfort of her own home. We at Boudoir Prive are reinventing the contemporary boudoir and revolutionizing the way cosmetics are sold online, by giving women the luxury of discovering new beauty products in the intimacy of their own room.
Introducing the Beauty box by Boudoir Prive. A groundbreaking concept which will enable consumers to try products before you buy. For a monthly membership of £10 per month, members receive a beautiful Boudoir Prive box, direct to their office or home, containing six exciting expertly selected beauty samples which will be a mix of established brands and brand new lines across six categories (skincare, body care, haircare, make-up, fragrance and lifestyle.)  Every month the products members receive will change, meaning the surprise element is ongoing, and members are encouraged to offer feedback on their products in return for fabulous discounts in the Boudoir Prive website E-shop if they choose to buy a full sized version of their chosen product.
With a plethora of beauty experts seal of approval including acclaimed Make-up artist Jay Pinxie Turnbull, the vision for Boudoir Prive as the largest desirable beauty community in the UK is a realistic one; ” With so many hair and beauty products available it is hard to decide what to invest in. The chance to be able to try before you buy is very exciting. I am telling all my friends about this already as I think it is a brilliant concept. The little box of luxury is beautiful, how nice to have a small ‘present’ delivered once a month“ says Turnbull.
With the first boxes due to be shipped in July, the excitement is building as beauty enthusiasts and consumers alike flock to sign up for the first round of boxes.
Entrepreneur Therese M’Boungoubaya and Boudoir Prive Founder said “I grew up fascinated by beauty products, probably the result of being the child of two pharmacists, and my passion is to discover and share the very best that the luxury beauty industry has to offer and deliver it direct to our member’s door! ”

So for more information why not go and take a look that the links Below 


  1. I really want to join it. Don't you have to have three people to sign up on your behalf before you can actually subscribe? xx

  2. Hi KellyCake! Great blog post! Thanks for reviewing us so far. Though the concept of Boudoir Prive is similar to other competitors, we are an online, luxury beauty discovery club for beauty enthusiasts. The brands we work with are exclusively luxury. Not necessarily the most famous so some you may know, others no. All have been carefully selected by our experts for their quality and some have celebrity fans. The first box comes out in August, the website goes live in July.
    @Joybunny24: You don't need 3 people to subscribe. You just signup to receive notification of when the website goes live. To increase your chance to get 'V.I.P ACCESS' 24hours before everyone else, the more you share your personal link with friends the better.

  3. I really want to join it. Don't you have to have three people to sign up on your behalf before you can actually subscribe? xx


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