Thursday, 23 June 2011

R.A.K Part 2

Hi Ladies xxx
A little while ago I arranged a R.A.K (Random Act of Kindness) The idea was a small group of 5 would all buy a small gift and would spend no more than £2 on each gift.  We would then ship these gifts to each member of the group it was a great experience which I never thought it would work as well as it did and I never thought by sending a gift could bring so much joy and excitement.  
Each one of the gifts which arrived had so much thought in them everyone really tried hard to get things the others would love and I loved every single one.  
Who would of thought a gift costing £2 could of brought so much joy.
Anyway a few weeks ago Dee asked if she could do a R.A.K with a twist I thought it was a great idea if you don't follow Dee on twitter here's her link Dee's Twitter anyway this is Dee's R.A.K Post
So this time we are buying 1 gift worth £10 and the group has been increased to 10 people.  All the names have been put in a hat and no one knows who's got who until there gifts arrive I can't wait.
Thanks Dee for sorting this out xxxxx
Watch this space for what I got in my gift when it arrives.

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