Sunday, 14 August 2011

NOTD Ciate My Fair Lady Free with Marie Claire

Hi Ladies xxx

I hope your having a really good weekend so last weekend my sister brought me Marie Claire with the free Ciate polish in it.  

Now anyone who had the last Glossy box will of had one of these polishes in their box I was really pleased with mine and really wanted to try more however I haven't got that sort of cash to shell out at the moment as I'm looking for a new job.  

 Ciate My Fair Lady
 My Fair Lady Applied

I love this polish it reminds me of OPI Bubble Bath with I love.  It applies really nicely and and dries quick too I applied 2 coats and I think its really pretty this colour looks like your own nails but better.

Have you tried any Ciate polishes what shades would you recommend?


  1. Such a sweet and chic colour!

  2. You are saying right this is the most beautiful box I ever had and when using this the polish looking so different and amazing. Its so nice

  3. This Box  is so nice because my cousin already used this and its
    works good. Her Nails looking so beautiful and Long and this time I am
    gonna use this.

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