Saturday, 27 August 2011

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Moisturiser

Hi Ladies xxx

So as you know I Love Clean & Clear Stuff but I have run out of my normal face wash and I got the morning energy one so I decided to get the moisturiser to go with it.  

I really like this it smells lovely the formula is light weight and isn't greasy however the brightening comes from tons of micro fine glitter which I'm not a huge fan of however when I apply my make up your cant really tell its there. 

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Moisturiser

I now use this in the morning and my dual action Clean and Clear of the night.  

The Moisturiser

Have you Tried any of the new range??


  1. I haven't bought this yet...but I smelt a tester in store and it has to be said it has a gorgeous scent...even my boyfriend agreed lol:)

    I think there is a offer on in Boots at the moment so I may have to pick some bits from this range. What's the morning energy face wash like??


  2. hiya xx

    i did a review here of the face wash it doesnt smell as nice as the moisturiser but still nice


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