Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Minnie Mouse Nails

Hi ladies xxx

So I treated myself to some dotting tools ages ago and until tonight I haven't even got them out the wrapper.

So I hot this design off utube and really wanted to give it ago. So I started off putting on a base coat and then painted the tips red. I then put some white polish on a old plate and using my new dotting tools I applied the little fits on the red tips. Next was the bow I added some black polish to my plate and again with my dotting tools I did the little bows.

Once dry I applied top coat ta tarrrrrr

I'm quite pleased with the end result.

What do u think????


  1. Aww, this is super adorable :)

    Love Christine ♥


  2. Adorable!!!

  3. Confessionsofamakeupaholic31 August 2011 at 09:29

    FAB! I love them :) x


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