Sunday, 11 September 2011

Batiste Minis

Hi Ladies xxx

So today I'm going to tell you about one of my can't live without products Batiste dry shampoo I love the stuff I try not to wash my hair everyday so this stuff is a god send.  

I have the full size cans but I got some of the minis as they are perfect to take on holiday and to keep in my handbag if I need to freshen up my hair though out the day.

Batiste Minis in original and blush

Original is just a very clean smell I do find that as I have such dark hair this can leave my hair looking a little ashy looking but once i have really worked this product in it goes.

Blush is lovely has A floral smell without smelling like old lady perfume it doesn't seem to have the ashy after look as the original one.  The scent sticks around to which I really like.

I use Batiste by combing my hair and the spraying it on to small sections I then turn my head upside down and rub the product into my hair I them comb it again to make sure it is worded into my hair.

I also use on my daughters hair a a quick pick me up before school or if we were going out but as she has blonde hair it doesn't show at all in her hair.

What's your favourite Batiste ??

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  1. I have a mini blush in my bag too they are just the handiest little pick me ups for those unexpected trips into town after work and stuff


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