Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I'm A Lucky Girl Presents From Rachel

Hi Ladies xxx

So with the thanks of Twitter I have made some amazing friends and also through blogging.  

I can't quite believe my luck the people I have come into contact with but there is one lady who is truly amazing she is always there for me and totally gets me.


Rachel is AMAZING I can't say enough about this wonderful lady Now a while back she sent me a OPI nail polish and wouldn't accept any money for it so as a thank you I sent her a few bits.  Now this has started a bit of a trend with us now Rachel lives over in Ireland and they have Essence Cosmetics which we don't get her (girls we are missing out BIG TIME)  Rachel was kind enough to pick me up a few bits and send them to me.  

So this is what I got in the mail a few extra item seem to have made there way in the box to.

Take A Bow Eyebrow Kit
Inside The Kit
NYC High Definition Mascara
The Brush
NYC Lip Plumper Lip Gloss In Plum Tart
ELF All Over Colour Stick

MUA Lip Gloss
NYC Nail Polish
Barry M Dazzle Dust
Essence Metallics Magnetic Nail Polish
Essence Magnet
The Magnet

I love everything Rachel sent me the nail polish are AMAZING I tried them out and have had so many compliments on my nails.  I will put up a post on them they were so easy to do.

So I just want to thank Rachel again for been so amazing.  

Here are the links to find Rachel


  1. So generous of her, such a lovely girl x

  2. awe shucks haha thanks hon wait till I have a rave about your return presents :)


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