Saturday, 29 October 2011

Face Mask Friday

Hi Ladies xx

So Faith and I decided we were going to pamper ourselves so we got or pj's on settled down to watch a film and put on a face mask Faith picked this one.

The Face Mask
Now when I opened it we both thought it smelt amazing the instructions said to leave it on for 15 minutes or until it was dry.  However we lasted about 7 minutes and then ran to the bathroom to remove it.  

This Is What The Mask Looks Like On (attractive)

After that time the smell was awful and sickening once I removed it it left Faith and my face red which after about 15 minutes faded away.  

Now its not all bad it did leave my face soft and clean feeling but this mask isn't for me.

Introduction to Konad with video eeeekkkkk

Hi Ladies xxx

A few people have ask me if I can tell them a bit more about the Konad Nail Art system so here goes to use this system you need 3 things.  Here is where I got my stuff from their customer service is amazing and the stuff arrives really quick Konad Online Shop.

They stock loads of different image plates and stamping polishes they also stock cosmetics and nail accessories.

 1= Konad Image Stamping Plate
 2= Konad Stamper and Scrapper
3= Konad Stamping Polish

So this system works by 
Painting the stamping polish on the stamping plate 
Then using the scrapper to scrap off the polish 
Then with the stamper stamp the image on your nails.  

Its so easy to do once you get the hang of it and once you have you get totally obsessed with it.  I know I am I try and incorporate it in all my nail art now.  

The thing which surprised me was how clean and clear the stamped images are.  

The other thing is that although its designed for nail art you can stamp on just about anything.

Now I have done a little video showing you how to use the system but this was my first attempt so its not very good I'm sorry

Would love to know what you think to the Konad system 
What plates have you got? 
What plates should I get next?

Think I'm going to get some Christmas plates next and some full cover image plates.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Dupe Giveaway

Hi Ladies xxx

So I have fallen in love with this polish so I thought I'd go get another bottle and do a little giveaway.   

I'm giving you the chance to win this stunning polish, which I believe to be a dupe of the new Models Own Beetlejuice collection which is coming soon.   If you cant wait to get that here a chance to win a dupe.

The Prize

 So to win all you need to is:

Follow my Blog (1 Entry)
Follow me on Twitter (+1 Extra Entry)
Tweet about my giveaway with @kelly_cake77 in it so I can see your tweet (+1 Extra Entry)

The giveaway will run for 1 week (closing on the 14th November 12pm) 

Good Luck Girls

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wilkinson Body Spray

Hi Ladies xxx

While I was having a wonder around Wilkinson I found these they were on offer 59p each or two for £1 so I picked up 2 of the orange ones.  The following morning after my shower I put this on it smelt really good so good in fact I went back in and got 2 of the purple ones.  

For the money these last a very long time on the skin I wore the purple on on Friday night to work and I could still smell when I got home and for it to last through a 5 hour bar shift that's good going.

Wilkinson Body Spay in Chic and Desire a bargain at £1 for the 2

Next time I pop in I'll be picking up a few more of these.

Have you tried any of these???

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Take on The Beauty Box

Hi Ladies xxx

I thought I would show you this, for my sisters birthday I did her a sort of beauty box now the picture isn't the one I did for her as I spent about £25 on hers but here is a budget version for you the products are still as good though.  

So I thought this would be amazing for a girl friends birthday,thank you, pickmeup or as a stocking filler and as the contents cost less then £6 I think its great value for money,

Whats In The Box

Chocolate Face Mask From Boots 99p
False Eyelashes From Wilkinson £1.00
Elf Eyelid Primer £1.50
Carmex Lip Balm From SuperDrug £1.25
MUA Lipgloss From Superdrug £1.00

I would love to receive one of these box and after my GB failings this is a beauty box I would love to get.

What do you think would you try this for a gift for a friend?? 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Dupe

Hi Ladies xxx

I've been druling over this new colection since Modles Own posted the picture on facebook I really like the look of these polishes.  So today while Faith and I were shopping I spotted a polish which i think could be a dupe for the first one in the picture below.

Models Own Beetlejuice Colletion
W7 88 Metallic Mars

Now the Models Own is described as a pinky brown (not sure if that will be the name or not) But it seems pink which turns browny gold in the light however I havent seen this in person as they dont release till 1st November 2011

The W7 one is exactly the same pink based which turns the brown/gold colour in the light.

So cost
Models Own £5.00
W7 was £1.99 

Saving me £3 RESULT!!!

Thank you W7 

They also had a blue one which went green which I think I might have to go back and get with the money I save buying the Models Own one.

(they were priced up at £1.49 in the shop which I didn't notice I had been charged £1.99 till I got home.  So when I go back if I get my money back I could get 3 polishes for less than 1 Models Own)

MUA New Shades, Shades 22 Perfect For Autumn

Hi Ladies xx

Well I think its happened I now have a obsession over these little guys.  If you haven't tried them shame on you.  This little beauties cost £1 each yes £1 each.  

So while I was stalking my local Super Drug which happens alot I noticed they had some new shades so I picked up these 3 

Shade 22 beautiful dark plum
Shade 7 Amazing Shimmery Red
Shade 19 Gorgeous Cream Nude

Now as I said before the first coat of these does look streaky but the second coat is perfect the polish seems to run into itself giving a perfect coat.

Shade 22

Next time you pop in to Superdrug pick up one/some of these you wont be disappointed.

Boots Haul 17 wild metallic eyeshadow and lipstick

Hi Ladies xx

So after seeing all the posts on the new 17 Wild Metallic Eye shadows I gave in and had to get one.  When I went into Boots to try them I loved the consistency of them and the colour pay off was really good I wanted the nude one and lucky I got the last one they had left so it was ment to be well that's how I'm justifing it to myself.  I also saw the supreme shine lipsticks and I couldn't resist Bella as I'm a huge twilight fan.

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bella £4.99

Bella Swatched

17 Wild Metallics Eyeshadow in Wild Nude £3.99
Wild Nude

Wild Nude Swatched
Side by Side eyeshadow on the top the lipstick on the bottom
I think they go really well together.
Free Gift when you buy 2 17 items
I love this make up look on the front of the box

Whats Inside

Liquid Liner £3.99
Ultimate Volume Gloss £3.99
Glitter eyeshadow £3.89
Total of this free gift £11.87 !!!!!!!!

I Love free gift with purchase give you the chance to try something you might not normally try and as I play it safe all the time with my natural shades I really like this gloss I think I might even wear it out on a night out.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Faith Halloween Punk Witch

Hi Ladies xx

So Faith had her Monster Ball at dancing on Friday I wanted her to go as a cat but she wanted to go as a witch as you can see she won.

The costume was from Matalan £12 Punky witch it was called it came with the dress the wings which come off and the little hat and veil. 

Hair I did in a double French plate wrap 
( I will be posting step by step instructions on how to do this on my blog so watch this space).

Makeup was all MUA (list below)

The finished look
MUA Make Up Used
MUA Swatches

Faith was over the moon with her overall look unfortunately she didn't win the fancy dress competeion but she did come in the prizes.

One thing I would like to say is her makeup stayed on all night even after 3 hours of dancing.  So anyone who has kids who go dancing I would recommend these products I carry them when I do the make up for the kids at the dance shows cause it lasts so well.

What you think I would love to know??

Faith Hair Styles

Hi Ladies xx

Alot of people have been asking me about the hair styles I do for my daughter, Faith has quite long hair and I try and keep it tied up as much as possible when she is at school or her clubs.  

She loves me doing her hair as she likes to show off if truth be know also Faith goes to a dance school and performs in shows which their hair has to be tried up out of the way so here are a few styles I have done.  

If you would like step by step instructions on any please let me know and ill do some. xx

Double French Plates

Curly using my herstyle wand
the gaga bow (her fave)
Double French Twist
Double Top Knots

Double Plate Bun
This was for her dance show I did two French plates which 
meet at the back and side of her head I then put the left over hair in a bun.
French Plate Wrap
This was 2 French plate first on going r-l then bottom one going l-r 

Hope you like xxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beauty Bargains (Christmas Stocking Fillers)

Hi Ladies xxx

I've been on the hunt for stocking fillers as I have brought nearly all of my main presents for everyone.  

So I thought I'd do a collection of Beauty Bargains for you hopefully you might find it useful.  

So the first bargain I found was this manicure set I picked this up from Wilkinson when I saw it on the shelf I couldn't quite believe it but on checking the receipt it was priced up correctly so how much was it I hear you asking ££££

 Manicure set in a leather look zip case
 The case is a light gold colour and is very compact perfect for carrying in your handbag
Inside the Kit is:

Nail Clippers 
Nail Scissors 
Metal Cuticle Pusher 
Plastic Cuticle Pusher 
Emery Board
2 Wooden Sticks

Ok Ok I know your dying to find out how much this little beauty was are you sitting down this was


I think it was amazing value for money and a complete bargain I brought 4 as I cant resist a bargain and at £1 I treated myself to one to keep in my bag. 

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