Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beauty Bargains (Christmas Stocking Fillers)

Hi Ladies xxx

I've been on the hunt for stocking fillers as I have brought nearly all of my main presents for everyone.  

So I thought I'd do a collection of Beauty Bargains for you hopefully you might find it useful.  

So the first bargain I found was this manicure set I picked this up from Wilkinson when I saw it on the shelf I couldn't quite believe it but on checking the receipt it was priced up correctly so how much was it I hear you asking ££££

 Manicure set in a leather look zip case
 The case is a light gold colour and is very compact perfect for carrying in your handbag
Inside the Kit is:

Nail Clippers 
Nail Scissors 
Metal Cuticle Pusher 
Plastic Cuticle Pusher 
Emery Board
2 Wooden Sticks

Ok Ok I know your dying to find out how much this little beauty was are you sitting down this was


I think it was amazing value for money and a complete bargain I brought 4 as I cant resist a bargain and at £1 I treated myself to one to keep in my bag. 



  1. What a bargain! I should start doing my Christmas shopping too!


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