Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Boots Haul 17 wild metallic eyeshadow and lipstick

Hi Ladies xx

So after seeing all the posts on the new 17 Wild Metallic Eye shadows I gave in and had to get one.  When I went into Boots to try them I loved the consistency of them and the colour pay off was really good I wanted the nude one and lucky I got the last one they had left so it was ment to be well that's how I'm justifing it to myself.  I also saw the supreme shine lipsticks and I couldn't resist Bella as I'm a huge twilight fan.

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bella £4.99

Bella Swatched

17 Wild Metallics Eyeshadow in Wild Nude £3.99
Wild Nude

Wild Nude Swatched
Side by Side eyeshadow on the top the lipstick on the bottom
I think they go really well together.
Free Gift when you buy 2 17 items
I love this make up look on the front of the box

Whats Inside

Liquid Liner £3.99
Ultimate Volume Gloss £3.99
Glitter eyeshadow £3.89
Total of this free gift £11.87 !!!!!!!!

I Love free gift with purchase give you the chance to try something you might not normally try and as I play it safe all the time with my natural shades I really like this gloss I think I might even wear it out on a night out.

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  1. the eyeshadow looks great!!


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