Monday, 24 October 2011

Faith Hair Styles

Hi Ladies xx

Alot of people have been asking me about the hair styles I do for my daughter, Faith has quite long hair and I try and keep it tied up as much as possible when she is at school or her clubs.  

She loves me doing her hair as she likes to show off if truth be know also Faith goes to a dance school and performs in shows which their hair has to be tried up out of the way so here are a few styles I have done.  

If you would like step by step instructions on any please let me know and ill do some. xx

Double French Plates

Curly using my herstyle wand
the gaga bow (her fave)
Double French Twist
Double Top Knots

Double Plate Bun
This was for her dance show I did two French plates which 
meet at the back and side of her head I then put the left over hair in a bun.
French Plate Wrap
This was 2 French plate first on going r-l then bottom one going l-r 

Hope you like xxx

1 comment:

  1. You have a Brownie! :) I'm a Brownie leader of my local pack and it makes me happy to see Brownies all over the country (sometimes I can't escape them!)

    I love the lady gaga bow!


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