Saturday, 29 October 2011

Introduction to Konad with video eeeekkkkk

Hi Ladies xxx

A few people have ask me if I can tell them a bit more about the Konad Nail Art system so here goes to use this system you need 3 things.  Here is where I got my stuff from their customer service is amazing and the stuff arrives really quick Konad Online Shop.

They stock loads of different image plates and stamping polishes they also stock cosmetics and nail accessories.

 1= Konad Image Stamping Plate
 2= Konad Stamper and Scrapper
3= Konad Stamping Polish

So this system works by 
Painting the stamping polish on the stamping plate 
Then using the scrapper to scrap off the polish 
Then with the stamper stamp the image on your nails.  

Its so easy to do once you get the hang of it and once you have you get totally obsessed with it.  I know I am I try and incorporate it in all my nail art now.  

The thing which surprised me was how clean and clear the stamped images are.  

The other thing is that although its designed for nail art you can stamp on just about anything.

Now I have done a little video showing you how to use the system but this was my first attempt so its not very good I'm sorry

Would love to know what you think to the Konad system 
What plates have you got? 
What plates should I get next?

Think I'm going to get some Christmas plates next and some full cover image plates.


  1. Aprettyobsession29 October 2011 at 16:58

    Yayyyyyy you posted your video love ur nails so much

  2. That looks fab xx


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