Saturday, 8 October 2011

Konad Nail Stamping

Hi Ladies xxx

I brought a Konad French Tip System some time back and to be honest I did lose heart with it.  It was (for me) impossible to line it up to get the tips in the right place so I contacted Konad to discuss my idea on how we could try and sort this problem.  While I was in talks with them they kindly asked me if I would like to try some more of their products which I jumped at the chance to do.  I had forgotten all about it as it was some time ago but to my surprise I found this pushed through my door.

Konad  Set T Stamping Kit
Inside The Kit
The Image Plate M36
I Believe This Is A Limited Edition Plate Q1
(this does not come with the kit)

So inside the kit you get the 
Black and white stamping polish 
A image plate 
Top coat

The way this works is you paint your nails with a base coat 
then apply the stamping polish to the plate and with the scraper scrap off the excess polish 
you then push the stamper on to the plate which picks up the image
then stamp this onto your nails
apply your top coat
and there you have it amazing nails

This has totally restored my faith in the Konad system I have found this so easy to use and the combinations are endless.  There is something for every occasion I cant wait to get more plate and do more designs.
Base Coat MUA Shade 23
Gold Stamping polish
Image Plate M36
Konad Topcoat

This was my first go using this kit and I was really happy with the results. Look out for more NOTD (nails of the day) using this kit and more of the Konad Plates.

For more information on Konad go check out there website although be warned browsing turns into buying .  
I'd like to Thank Konad for send me this kit.

Have you used any of the Konad Stamping Plates if so which one would your recommend?


  1. Love it and I love that limited edition plate the swallow is gorgeous

  2. I've bought some Konad special polishes to try with my kits but still haven't tried them! Must try them soon!
    This looks fab x

  3. This is so gorgeous, I love Konad and I love your final look :)

    Xo Christine♥

  4. That looks awesome!! I am definitely going to have to give this a go x


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