Tuesday, 25 October 2011

MUA New Shades, Shades 22 Perfect For Autumn

Hi Ladies xx

Well I think its happened I now have a obsession over these little guys.  If you haven't tried them shame on you.  This little beauties cost £1 each yes £1 each.  

So while I was stalking my local Super Drug which happens alot I noticed they had some new shades so I picked up these 3 

Shade 22 beautiful dark plum
Shade 7 Amazing Shimmery Red
Shade 19 Gorgeous Cream Nude

Now as I said before the first coat of these does look streaky but the second coat is perfect the polish seems to run into itself giving a perfect coat.

Shade 22

Next time you pop in to Superdrug pick up one/some of these you wont be disappointed.

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