Tuesday, 22 November 2011

TRESemne Smooth Memory Straightening Spray

Hi Ladies xxx

This fell into my basket on yet another of my walks around SuperDrug it claims to work with heat appliances to train your hair into becoming straighter and smoother and less frizzy over time.  

Its memory technology claims to make straightening faster and easier and helps protect against heat damage. 

Memory Straightening Spray £4.99

Spray Applicator

So when I used it the first thing I liked was the applicator the spray ment applying it was quick easy and not at all messy.  
Second thing was the smell it smells AMAZING!! 
Third thing was how soft and shiny my hair was only after drying.  
I straightened it and my hair looked in really good condition and very very shiny. 

 The smell lingered on my hair which was nice so all in all a good product and well worth the money talking of money this is currently on 2 for £5.99 that a whole £1 more for 2 of these then I paid for this one 
NO BRAINIER!!! give it a try.


  1. Ohhh I may have to invest in this :) another thing I have found for keeping hair straight, or make it easier tostraighten is to sleep with conditioner in your hair :) x

  2. I also have this and I love it! The best thing is it acutally works, and I agree the scent is gorgeous.

    Jess @ditzyglamour


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