Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ebay and Wilkinson False Eyelash Haul

Hi Ladies xxx

As you know I love false eyelashes I have tried loads of different brands but this post is to show you one of my favourite brands and some new ones I have picked up.  

When I pick my eyelashes I tend to get the strip one as I always wear eyeliner and I can hide the strip.  I haven't tried the individual ones but I might pick up some and have a play with them.

So my tips to applying your lashes measure them first from the inner corner of your eye to the outer if you need to trim any of the lash trim the outer part not the inner.

Don't use the silly little glue that comes with them its useless trow it away invest in some good eyelash glue as most people get put off due to the faff of applying the lashes.

Give the glue time to start drying this helps them stick where you place them and not slide all over your face.

Practise makes perfect if you don't get it right first time try again when I get a new set I do a trial run.

Wilkinson Eyelashes £1
Out the packaging Natural
Wilkinson lashes £1 fuller
EBay lashes 55p for 10 pairs BARGAIN!!!!
The Lashes

The Wilkinson one for £1 are amazing and perfect for a natural look and perfect for a first time user as they don't cost alot.  The ones I got from EBay are amazing value for money I always search EBay main serach eyelashes then options lowest price + p&p and other countries thats how I found these they arrived in a sterdy box and were perfect and arrived very quick.  

For my birthday I had a MAC make over and got a pair of there lashes #34 which are beautiful they start shorter and go longer toward the outer corner of your eye which is really flattering but at £10 a pair ill stick to my Wilkenson £1 ones for now

Whats your favourite lashes???


  1. I am a fake eyelash junkie! Never tried the Wilkinson ones though, so I'll have to give them a go! x

  2. Aprettyobsession6 December 2011 at 14:50

    I am finally getting there with lashes but I got some in Primark the other day and they were pants :-(


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