Monday, 9 January 2012

Cut The Cost Of Shaving Meet the RazorPit (a must for the man in your life or lady)

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I just wanted to share this with you Jon and his family have always buy each other New Years present so this is something we do to now.  So this is what I brought Jon as he is forever moaning about the cost of shaving and blades.  I think we first saw this on the Gadget Show the item I am talking about it the RazorPit.   

The RazorPit how it arrives

Out the box

The idea behind it is that once you have used your razor you use the RazorPit to remove everything which blunts the blade.

What RazorPit Says
Tired of expensive razor blades and uncomfortable shaves? With the Patented RazorPit and its friction technology you can remove the residues of hair, skin and soap that makes your blades feel dull. RazorPit makes your razor blade last for up to 150 shaves! Its just like shaving with a brand new blade every day.  At the same time your will save up to 90% on buying new razor blades. RazorPit works with all blades.

So how it works 

You apply some saving gel, foam, oil to the base of the RazorPit

You then place your razor with the blade touching the foam and swipe it 4 or 5 times the opposite way to which you would if you were shaving.

Once you have done this you can rinse the razor and the RazorPit and then can sit your razor in the Razor pit for storage.

Heres a little video we made last night to show you how to use the RazorPit

So I'm going to enlist the help of Jon (who is now a blogger to) to write a review on this product and tell you his thoughts on it.

I hope this helps on first impression I think this is worth its weight in gold.  I purchased from Amazon Link to Shop I brought Jon's from As I say I think this would make a perfect gift.

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