Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Birthday Present From Rachel (Pretty Obsessed) (INGLOT)

Hi Ladies xxxx

I have had this post in my draft box for forever and with all the events which happened over my birthday I sort of forgot about it.  So apologises to Rachel for not doing this post before your a star xxxxx

So just before my birthday this beautiful little package arrive with a airmail sticker on which means one thing a gift from Rachel eeeekkkk!!!!

My beautiful Present

So I resisted opening it till my birthday which was so hard but I did it.


I don't own any thing by Iglot and to be honest I was completely blown away when I undid the paper and saw this box.

Out the Box

First impressions was how sturdy and well made this palette is the top it glass and the 2 silver studs you can see on the top are magnets which hold the palette shut.  When i undo mine i always just slid the one side over as these magnets are seriously strong.  Hiding behind the frosty glass I could see the two colours and I knew they would be perfect as Rachel knows me so well.




These colour are stunning and the quality of the shadows are beautiful very soft and really easy to work with.  Now I believe these are called freedom palettes as you pick the size of palette you want and then fill with the eye shadows of your choice.  

I think its a good job I don't have a Iglot closer or I can feel a expensive addiction coming on. 

Im sorry I have no idea what the shade names or numbers are as I'm to scared to remove them from the palatte.

So thanks again Rachel for being so kind and thoughful and sending me this I LOVE IT xxxxxx


  1. Both these colours look gorgeous! xx

  2. So sweet :) These colours look gorgeous! Wish I had Inglot near me! x


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