Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Thin Person Inside Dying to Get Out

Hi Ladies xxx

So every year we all promise ourselves we are going to change, we made New Year resolution's but how many of us can say we keep to them??? 

I know for one I do this every year and by the first 2 weeks of January all my good intentions have flown out the window and I settle back into my old habits.  So why is this year going to be different??? 

Because I want to feel comfortable in my own skin (for once) 

I'd like to be able to smile for the camera instead of trying to hide from it or stand behind something or someone so your cant see my body.  

I'd like to see people whisper and not think they are whispering about me.  

I'd like to be able to go cloths shopping with my sister or daughter and not feel embarrassed that what fits me they could fit 3 of them in.  

Id like to be able to go on holiday and not feel like everyone is looking at me cause I carry extra weight. 

So here is where my fight begins next week Weight Watchers her I come, I know its not going to be easy I have done it before (after having Faith) and lost 28 pound but this time I have the support of my family Jon and his mum are doing it to and as we are all going away in November we all have the same goal.

So from next week I will be posting to tell you how I get on and I know their are a few of my blogging friends trying to lose weight to and I'm sure we can do it.  

Jon has started his own blog which I'm really proud of him for doing Jon's Blog he's new to blogging and I think he is enjoying it as much as I do.

Any tips hints you can give me drop me a comment please xxx


  1. We will lose weight because as with everything else in life we will close ranks and come out fighting as a family and not on our own. Here's to the new us it's our time love you and I'm also very proud of you too xx

  2. Good luck hunnie, I am on a diet too but doing slimming world! Have been for a few weeks now, hopefully by August I will be at my target weight.... Can't wait to read about it xxx

  3. Good luck lovely - I need to loose weight this year as my wedding dress is too small!
    I followed WW for a while and found it really good, I could still eat puddings which was good for me :) xx

  4. Heres ur sister honies I've started doing WW from home today keep me posted what day u r weighing in and I will weigh that way too that way we can exchange good news an tips each week ;-) c'mon we can totally do this :-)

  5. you can dooooo it!  and it's great that the whole fam is on board :) 


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