Thursday, 16 February 2012

MUA Love Heart Collection

Hi Ladies xxx

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past week or so you might have heard a little something about the very Exciting MUA Love Heart collection.  I couldn't wait for this to hit the shops I was invited to go to the launch of the range but I couldn't make it due to my mum been really unwell and in hospital.  I have been such a huge fan of this brand since it first hit the shops I think the quality of the products is amazing when you consider that most of the items are £1.  So as I missed the event I ordered my items via the web site which is the first time I have used it and I was really pleased with how quick my parcel came.

MUA Love Heart Nail Polish and Lip Balm
 So this is what I ordered for myself I did order a few other things which are currently in the post over to the lovely Rachel in Ireland.  I wish I had got all the nail polishes now as I am totally in love with the ones I got.

MUA Love Heart U ROK Nail Polish £2

I love this colour this is with 2 coats applied to my nails I don't find this the best applying polish but I find if you apply 1 thin coat and then a thicker one you get a perfect result in the end.  The polish itself has a lovely glossy finish and I find it lasts a good 5 days on my nails and even stands up to my bar shifts.

MUA Love Heart Lip Balm Great Lips £2


What stood out about this is its so similar to the sleek Pout Polish the smell the texture however this is far more pigmented then the Sleek one.  I love this colour I have been teaming it up with my MUA bare lipstick which is my new nude favourite.

I love this collection well done MUA on a job well done

To shop the collection or any of the MUA cosmetics visit  MUA On line store


  1. the lipbalm is adorable!

  2. eeeek can't wait thank u soooo much xx

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