Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mum's The Word Over Batiste

Hi Ladies xxx

So last week I was lucky enough to get this sent through the post to me.  As you know I love dry shampoo and as a busy Mum this has saved the day many a time.  Both myself and Faith use it as we both have long hair I try not to wash our hair every day so using Batiste makes going between washes a little easier.  It offers our hair a little pick me up leaving our hair smelling fresh and looking clean. 

Beyond Cute

Batiste Blush

My little Stork
(please not stork doesn't come with the Batiste)

Batiste really is the secrete weapon for us mum's I took a can into hospital with me when I went in to have Faith and I was glad of it.  I would recommend to any new mums to keep a can handy because you will never be short of visitors popping in to see you and the addition. 

Blush is one of my favourite scent its fruity and floral and not at all over powering.

To use shake the can vigorously keep the nozzle about 30cm away from your hair spray into the roots of your hair and massage in with your fingers 

Batiste sells for around £2.99 for the large cans and you can pick it up from drug store and supermarkets.

If you know if anyone who's expecting why not give them a can so they can look their best at all times.

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