Saturday, 17 March 2012

L'oreal Elvive Triple Resist Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi Girls xxx

So lately I have been having a major hair fall out which I was getting a little bit worried about now I'm not sure if my hair was overly falling out or if it's just cause its fairly long and dark and I notice it more.  But honestly I do think it has been falling out worse than normal so that led to me picking these up.  I brought them when they were on offer they were around the £4 each mark but they were on buy one get one free.  Now I don't colour my hair or blow dry it or straighten it all the time my hair is always allowed to dry naturally unless I'm heading out which isn't very often.  So really I do look after my hair well I use my Tangle Teezer and only wash every other day and between days dry shampoo it. 

So the last time I had this problem I had just had Faith and the midwife told me I should stop feeding her myself as I wasn't keep enough good stuff back for me but this isn't the problem this time.  So I could put it down to stress which I think is the main problem as we have had alot on our plates.

So the shampoo and conditioner smell lovely lather up well and left my hair soft and clean do I think it helped with the fall out errrrmmmm I'm not sure to be honest it didn't make things any worse.  

I did notice less fall out but was that down to reduced stress levels possible yes.  So the jury is out on this one I liked it used it all would I spend £8 on them again no I don't think so.

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