Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sleep Rollers

Hi Girls xxx

I hope your well I was lucky enough to get sent these to review I can't tell you how excited I was when they arrived as I have heard such great things about them I have been lusting after wavy hair for ages.  So I read up on them and it said to apply to fresh washed and dried hair but for extra curl slightly damp hair was fine too now as my hair is thick and long I decided to apply mine to damp hair.   

First thing was I think I could do with getting a extra pack as I didn't quite have enough for all my hair or I didn't put them in well enough to get all my hair in them.  Now these are designed so you can sleep in them and sleep well.  So the proof of the pudding is in the tasting so I popped them in and off I went to bed after much giggling from Jon but sleep I did and well they didn't keep me awake at all which I was surprised about to be honest.

This is How They Arrive

You Get the Pink Draw String Bag and 20 Rollers

The Size of The Rollers

So Soft Perfect For Sleeping

So I popped them in and the secured them with a bobby pin which fits between the Velcro bit of the roller and the sponge in the middle as there is a gap.  |I didn't use hair spray but I did put a little mouse in my damp hair .  Now the curls didn't last that long in my hair and I think heat would of helped so I think I am going to purchase the hairdryer hood which lets you heat the hair while in the rollers which I think would make the curls hold longer.

Of Course Faith just had to try them out too!

As you can see Faith had a go with them and they worked really well gave her soft bouncy curls which lasted the day.  I think these are amazing and you can purchase them Here the set which includes the draw string bag and 20 rollers costs £16.50, Extra set of 10 rollers is £8.00 and the hair dryer hood is £16.50 all have free postage and packaging for a limited time.

Have you tried these what did you think?


  1. Charli_dot_dot_dot17 April 2012 at 09:26

    I love the idea of these, I'm just not sure if I would sleep well in them!!

    Looking to try rollers though because my hair is longer! x

  2. Oh wow I really like the sound of these, I'm useless at doing my hair though so would probably mess them up! x

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