Saturday, 19 May 2012

My Nail Saviours Flexitol & OPI Avoplex and Nail Envy

So if you read my blog you will know I started my diet about 18 weeks ago and then joined weight watchers about 11 weeks ago.  I have managed so far to lose 32 pound and the only real down side I have is that since doing it my nails have suffered. They have started to peel and break and didn't grow so I needed to invest in some nail care and I picked up these 3 things and so far touch wood they have worked amazingly well.
 Flexitol cuticle and nail cream about £5
OPI Avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil brought from EBAY
OPI Nail Envy brought from EBAY

Flexitol Cream


This cream is really thick and rich there are 2 ways to use it either massage into the cuticles and nails or for  a deep treatment apply cream and soak hands in warm water.

OPI Avople Replenishing Oil

I really like this stuff I have to be really careful with oils on my skin as I find it feeds my eczema but this stuff is fine for me.  Its a rich thick oil which smells really nice.

OPI Nail Envy

 This is a natural nail strengthener you apply 2 coats and then one coat every other day for a week and then removed and start again.

The results

Ok so this is 4 weeks down the line I thought I would do a week by week run down of what I did and when.

Week 1
So I applied 2 coats of Nail Envy on the first day and 1 coat on top of that every other day for a whole week.  I used my Avoplex Oil twice a day morning and evening massaging it into my cuticle and my nail.  I then used my Flexitol cream twice in the week as a night time treatment using it the same as the Avoplex Oil.

Week 2
I removed the last week Nail Envy and reapplied the same as week 1 however I did apply nail polish i use a OPI polish as they have the strengthener built in and again applied a coat of the Nail Envy every other day and used the Avoplex Oil and the Flexitol cream.

Week 3
Repeated week 2 however cut down the use of the Avoplex Oil to once a day but continued to use my flexitol cream twice a week.

Week 4
I repeated the the removal and reappling of the Nail Envy and painted my nails as normal and used the Avoplex and Flexitol as and when I needed it.

I really think that these 3 things have made the most amazing difference to my nails and I would repurchase all three in a heart beat.


  1. You have beautiful nails. I'm about half way through my 3rd bottle of 'trind' nail strengthener and it's great. I will switch to nail envy when I'm done but I'm unsure about it because I paint my nails every day so I'm not sure how that would work. I will try that cuticle oil because my cuticles are in bits lol. Great post! I really enjoyed it :) xx

    1. Im pretty sure you can put it over you polish and it still works.:)

  2. I love how long your nails are naturally, they look like fab products.


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