Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Obsession with Obsessed Jewellery Review and Rave

Hi xxx

I hope your all keeping well this post is a little different its sort of a heads up to a trendy on-line jewellery store which is owned by my wonderful friend Rachel.  A few weeks ago I got my first piece from Rachel's shop Obsessed Jewellery She was kind enough to send me this for me to have a sneaky peak at her new jewellery line.


My Package From Obsessed Jewellery
 The first thing which I noticed is how beautifully it comes to you, in this pretty white pill box. 

The Packaging (so pretty)
 Once inside your jewellery is wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with a gorgeous ribbon.  Rachel really has paid attention to detail and the packaging is almost as wonderful as whats inside.

My New Obsessed Ring
 My ring EEEkkkk !!!  I love this I would wear this with plain outfit and just this ring.

Didn't Take Faith Long To Get Her Hands On It
 As you can see I am now having to share with Faith who loves this ring nearly as much as I do.  

So a big big thank you to the lovely Rachel and I urge you all to pop over to Obsessed Jewellery and go and see for yourself.  Rachel's jewellery starts around £5 mark and she has something for everyone rings, bracelet's, necklaces, earrings.

Follow Obsessed Jewellery on twitter for offers and promo codes @obsessedjewel


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