Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nivea lip butter review

Well first post in a very long time so big thank you to you all for bearing with me. I have been trying to hunt down these for a while since seeing them on blogs. So when I popped into Superdrug this week I saw the shipper and picked these two up. I really wanted the vanilla and macadamia one but they didn't have it so the hunt continues. Now to be honest I really don't need another lip balm as I have nearly everyone on the market but I'm a lip balm junkie. So in comparison to the Vaseline tin lip balm I thought the Nivea one was a lot smaller but there not really that much difference. The Nivea one has 16.7 g in and the Vaseline one has 20g in once applied I think the flavour of the Nivea lasts longer and I don't think it's as greasy as the Vaseline lip balm. The Vaseline coco butter was my favourite but the Nivea raspberry rosé has now stepped up. I use this every night before bed and in the morning my lips feel moisturised and soft. I would really recommend you trying these the only down point to these as with all tin balms if u have nails they are a nightmare to apply but worth it.

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